Unique System Integration

Sometimes there isn’t an off-the-shelf system integration solution that will meet your needs. Genova Technologies has developed and deployed unique system integration solutions for a diverse range of industries, including building management, communications, records processing, training management, and commercial/industrial control systems.
     • Systems Integration
     • Microsoft Windows Software Development
     • Embedded software development

Comprehensive Control Systems Engineering

Genova delivers comprehensive control system engineering for our customers, including system documentation, design, integration, and testing. Genova’s system engineers have worked with Boeing, Airbus, and Embraer, as well commercial and industrial applications. Genova works closely with our customers to interpret and translate business needs into testable system and software requirements, applications, and test code (test depths based on system criticality), regression testing, and artifact generation to meet quality and safety audit standards. Our system integrators have expertise with porting software onto proprietary hardware for our hardware customers.

Genova’s system engineering expertise in avionics software development, and commercial software development and testing, can support timing analysis and constraints that are critical in network designs. When these restrictions cannot be met by regular operating systems, we use real-time operating systems (RTOS) and subsequent testing, resulting in many industry requirement updates.

Protocols And Standards

Genova’s systems engineers have extensive domain-specific protocols and standards. Depending on the customer, this includes any number of the following:

  • Embedded Software Development and Test – PowerPC, Intel, ARM, Atmel, Motorola
  • Embedded Unix/Windows /Linux and other Operating Systems
  • Windows OS/, UNIX OS/Linux OS Software Applications Development – C/C++, C#, .Net, GUI, MFC, OOD, OOA, JAVA, Visual C++, Visual Basic
  • Firmware DSP – Texas Instruments, Motorola, Analog Devices-TMS320cxx, Motorola 56xxx, ADSP-21xx, SHARC, Blackfin
  • Software Test/SQA-ATE, Tcl, Perl Scripting
  • System Engineering – Architecture, Design, Verification Derivatives, Managing Requirements, Flow Down, Integration and Test

Hardware Testing Critical Skills

  • FPGA – Xilinx, Altera, Actel, Lattice-(Spartan, Virtex-2 Pro, Virtex-4, Virtex-5, Virtex-6, Cyclone, Stratix, RTAX)
  • ASIC Design/Verification – SystemVerilog, Verilog, VHDL, Test Benches, OVM, C/C++, Pearl
  • Digital Board Design – Viewlogic, ORCAD, Mentor, Signal Integrity
  • Hardware DSP
  • RF Design – Microwave, Antenna, Component
  • Power – Power Supply, Switch Mode, Amp, Watts, DC-DC
  • Analog Design – Power Conversion
  • Test – ATE, LABVIEW/LABWINDOWS – CVI Test Bench, Teradyne

Designing And Maintaining

Genova’s systems expertise can be instrumental in designing and maintaining embedded controls, used to host applications and interface between mechanical systems and operators of these systems. We participate in system development activities to ensure our designs are technically sound and:

  • Meet requirements and compliance standards (CE, UL, FCC, etc.).
  • Contribute to design reviews, D&P-FMEA and Control Plan
  • Design for Manufacturability, D-FMEA Capability
  • Statistical Analysis Tools (DMAIC, DfSS, Minitab, etc.)