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We are a custom software engineering firm that builds long-term relationships, one client at a time by employing proven development methods and highly experienced talent to consistently deliver the scope of work on time and on budget. 

Make Smart, Connected Products

Expand the Range of Product Capabilities & Features

Offer Dramatically Differentiated & Innovative Products

Provide Full Spectrum Performance Enhancements & Data Analytics


Manufacturing for the future

Drive Efficiencies, Connect Devices, & Develop Insights

Predict Maintenance Needs & Reduce Down Time

Allow Devices to Work Autonomously & Quickly

Prepare For Industry 4.0 – The Next Technological Revolution

Upgrade and Automate

Enhance your current machinery to increase efficiency and cut down on waste.

Develop operations monitoring, predictive maintenance, and autonomous manufacturing.

 Allow machines to communicate directly with end-users.


Turn anything as small as a pill or as large as a ship into a smart and responsive system.

Genova leverages embedded engineering & cloud services to enable your system to communicate in real-time, autonomously.

We know how to make more than phones ‘smart’.

Store & Analyze

Collect data from any system, securely store it in the cloud, then analyze it to find relationships to improve efficiency and predictability.

Predict machine failures, reduce unexpected downtime, and get the information you need to improve business processes.

How Do We Deliver Better Technology, Faster?

Genova developed Agile+, a proprietary and disciplined process, in which business objectives are defined to ensure mutual understanding of business value. This process is responsive, detailed, and creates a marriage between technical requirements and business goals.

Bridging the Gap between Business Strategy and Software Development

Software Strategy Partner

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, Genova is your trusted partner and we’re here to help you leverage automation, AI, IoT, cognitive computing, and anything else your technology strategy requires. We create value for manufacturers by accelerating their business with smart applications.

Developing the Right Technology

Our project managers ‘speak geek’ to our software engineers to translate your business requirements into software requirements. They ask you the right questions so that they can give the software engineers the right answers. This ensures that the technology you receive is the technology that meets your business need.

No One Knows Your Business Better Than You

Genova focuses on building enduring relationships and working collaboratively with our clients. We may be experts in software development, but no one knows your business like you do. We will listen and ask questions, so that you get the software you need on time and on budget.

Spend an hour with us and you will :

  • Develop a software strategy with 'a reason why' behind every action
  • Directly tie your business goals to software objectives
  • Learn key insights for your project that will set it on the right path

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About Us

Genova Technologies, Inc. has continuously enhanced its software capabilities and processes for over 28 years. Our software engineering expertise includes real-time embedded software engineering, user interface (UI) application development for device displays, mobile app development, and web development, as well as independent verification and validation of safety-critical software systems.

Genova specializes in advanced software technologies for the entire device software stack and life cycle, engineering your systems for accuracy, robustness, security, and safety.


Embedded Software

Genova’s principal engineers leverage their deep understanding of the interaction between software and hardware to deliver comprehensive system architecture support. This includes providing system architecture support, hardware & Software system integration, and review of client proposed systems ensuring seamless integration. 

Internet of Things

Our investment into the Internet of Things was a direct response to a growing industry need for real-time embedded software engineering, device displays development, mobile applications, and Cloud accessible dataUsing the Internet of Things, enhance your current machinery to increase efficiency and cut down on waste.

Cloud & Mobile

We use the Cloud to deliver embedded and mobile applications that have greater accessibility and reliability for our end-users. In addition to traditional multi-tiered mobile application structures, Genova has engineered technology for portable devices that connect wirelessly and securely to the Cloud.

Case Studies


The Data Load Engine (DLE) Next-Generation Avionics Products (NGAP) software application provides the ability to upload databases and equipment tables to avionics Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) residing onboard the aircraft. The DLE software operates within the Onboard Data Loader (ODL) subsystem, which also includes the display management applications responsible for providing the user interface and communicating with the DLE. The DLE software supports databases and equipment tables packaged in the ARINC 655 format. It provides a common interface for loading the databases and equipment tables – residing either locally or on a remote file server – to LRUs on the aircraft, supporting multiple data load protocols (ARINC 615A and 615-3).


A group of researchers from Kansas State University developed an algorithm to produce nitrogen recommendations that produce high crop yield for growers based on satellite imagery. They started out using drones to prove the algorithm but then found a way to take it to a large scale market by leveraging satellite imagery.


The client produces Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) that provide routing, scheduling, dispatch, and health monitoring for transit organizations. These systems are highly configurable and require base code that can be fine-tuned to meet each customer’s specific needs.


The Highway Monitor was a system targeted for a large urban region that wanted to have a real‐time support system to allow the service teams to communicate. The system would allow them to dispatch and track freeway service patrol and traffic management teams over a wireless network. The freeway service patrol consisted of tow trucks that were contracted during rush four traffic to assist motorists. This assistance could come in the form of a gallon of gas, towing of the vehicle, to transporting of occupants of the vehicle, to ensure traffic congestion was minimized. Traffic management team vehicles also aided motorists by raising signs on their trucks to inform other motorists that they were approaching a potential traffic incident. These incidents could range from lane closures to detours.


Under this contract, Genova performs Oracle database administration, compiles reports, collects and converts data, and designs and maintains web applications. Primary program support work involves the migration of an Oracle-based application to an ASP.NET web application, using web services.

Responsibilities include programming the ISIS/SPOE enterprise solution and related applications based on the design that complies with the DON enterprise architecture standards, converting the Oracle based application to include the forms, reports, and application into an ASP.NET web application, querying ad-hoc reports, researching problems, and developing recommended solutions.


Genova Technologies developed this world-class application as part of an onboard information network, providing an international transportation customer with a unique system that provides in-flight wireless access to information on an aircraft server, as well as information available on the Internet. Using this technology, airline customers can surf the Internet or check their email while in flight.


Genova delivered feature enhancements and bug fixes for an embedded software application that monitored the flow of fertilizer on fields. Enhancements included revising and integrating a flow control to take into account additional features, adding support for new flowmeters, integrating updates to a library used by the application, and fixing bugs with existing features that interacted with the sensor.


Genova Technologies supported a DARPA program to demonstrate a tactical airborne network. A few main goals of the demonstration were to perform dynamic awareness, multiple levels of security, and low latency data rates. Later in the prototype lifecycle, the tactical airborne waveform was ported to a Software Common Architecture (SCA) waveform and deployed for use.


U.S. Strategic Command had a software project that was in need of engineering support. The project operated on a small but nimble budget to execute the mission, and was staffed by DoD and civilian employees with contractor support and was in need of additional engineering assistance to meet contract deliverables before the end of the period of performance. The project relied upon many web-based technologies, such as .NET (C#), ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript, and jQuery. Not only were engineers required to be familiar with the front-end technologies in use by the project, but they were required to hit the ground running and make an immediate contribution by quickly integrating into the team by use of its support tools, Jira for ticket management and Oracle for the relational database.


Genova has delivered embedded software engineering of an application that allows the combine harvester operator to view machine health and crop health status, as well as adjust harvesting parameters, in order to improve harvesting efficiency. Genova utilizes a Scrum Agile software development methodology for all work completed on this project.

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