Enterprise Apps for the Modern Workplace

If you are looking to build a custom software application (embedded, web, desktop or mobile), our experienced team of software developers, system architects, business analysts, testers, and project managers are ready to help. We have built many custom applications for managing business workflows and asset information, using a wide range of technologies, such as Amazon Web Services, Oracle, Microsoft Azure, Apple, and the open source community.


Genova Technologies combines real-world mobile development expertise with proven competencies in real time systems, embedded controllers, and cloud computing. We are not game developers; we build mobile solutions to control, monitor, and diagnose the real world.

Our engineers serve as Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and team members for our commercial clients. We can implement all phases of product development from requirements capture, to UX design, to development and testing, to app store roll-out.



If you have an application or business need that off-the-shelf software cannot fill, then it may be time to consider building custom software to fit your needs.

Our engineers have been partnering with our clients for over 25 years to develop custom software solutions. We can help you define your application requirements and then build the software for you, using the most appropriate tools for the job.

Experienced Mobile/Web/Cloud Developers
Genova Technologies builds mobile applications with sophisticated cloud-based analytics, allowing clients to truly understand how users interact with their devices.

Genova helps our clients move their software applications and strategies into mobile applications; supporting their Mobile Application Development plans.
Our customer knowledge and expertise in this domain can help your teams develop mobile applications for various platforms:
• Android
• iOS
• Cross-platform App Development
• Porting web applications to mobile apps in different platforms

Genova’s Engineering Services provides architectural guidance and developmental support on all kinds of design and development platforms, mobile application development (iOS and Android), web-based application development, and more.

Near Field Communication 

Near-field communication allows two devices to communicate in a short-range of each other. NFC enables services like Google Wallet and Apple Pay but can be used in a variety of applications, watch our team demo an example of NFC.

Explore Mobile

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We focus on achieving success for our customers by developing in-depth domain knowledge.

Software Languages, Tools, & Processes

Genova can provide individual or team experts in a variety of mobile language platforms.


Planter App: Agriculture & Mobile Case Study

Genova Technologies, Inc. delivered system architecture and prototyping of a mobile app for a large agricultural customer. This app enables farmers to perform tests and fine-tune their planters in the field. Without this app, a testing and tuning a piece of equipment requires two people, a farmer standing next to the equipment monitoring and making adjustments and a helper in the tractor cab. This app therefore alleviates the need for a second person.

Wireless LAN Manager: Avionics & Mobile Case Study

Genova Technologies developed this world-class application as part of an onboard information network, providing an international transportation customer with a unique system that provides in-flight wireless access to information on an aircraft server, as well as information available on the Internet. Using this technology, airline customers can surf the Internet or check their email while in flight.

Highway Helper Development

The Highway Monitor was a system targeted for a large urban region that wanted to have a real‐time support system to allow the service teams to communicate. The system would allow them to dispatch and track freeway service patrol and traffic management teams over a wireless network. The freeway service patrol consisted of tow trucks that were contracted during rush four traffic to assist motorists. This assistance could come in the form of a gallon of gas, towing of the vehicle, to transporting of occupants of the vehicle, to ensure traffic congestion was minimized. Traffic management team vehicles also aided motorists by raising signs on their trucks to inform other motorists that they were approaching a potential traffic incident. These incidents could range from lane closures to detours.

Continuing Education Headquarters Mobile (CEHQ): Mobile Case Study

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics is the largest teaching hospital in the United States. Genova has partnered with University of Iowa Healthcare to produce an innovative approach to delivering CE (continuing education) credits to nurses at the point of care. The result of this partnership is CE Headquarters.

STRATCOM: Government & IT/Data Case Study

U.S. Strategic Command had a software project that was in need of engineering support. The project operated on a small but nimble budget to execute the mission, and was staffed by DoD and civilian employees with contractor support and was in need of additional engineering assistance to meet contract deliverables before the end of the period of performance. The project relied upon many web based technologies, such as .NET (C#), ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript and jQuery. Not only were engineers required to be familiar with the front-end technologies in use by the project, but they were required to hit the ground running and make an immediate contribution by quickly integrating into the team by use of its support tools, Jira for ticket management and Oracle for the relational database.


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