Drive Efficiencies, Reduce Costs, Achieve Resiliency

Enhance Security

Don’t compromise on safety, we provide strong data encryption, SSL, and reverse proxy usage to raise the security level of any cloud-based system

Connect to embedded and web/mobile

Genova offers end-to-end software engineering services. We can build the cloud infrastructure and integrate it with other devices and applications

launch faster with Agile+

We created a propriety software development process that defines business goals and ensures you get the right technology fast.  Click here to learn more about Agile+

Think Big with the Cloud

Turn Big Data into Valuable Insights

Solicit, review, store, manipulate, and analyze data in seconds.

Use big data insights to establish a data-driven culture, aid in new product & services offerings, accelerate new capabilities, and decrease expenses through cost efficiencies, an more with the power of the cloud.

Cost-Effective Scalability

Build your cloud infrastructure to scale data storage capacity, processing power, and networking.

Genova provides integratable scaling solutions that can be done with little to no down time. Maintain important processes and provide backup data & operations while supporting sudden traffic surgers and rapidly growing audiences.

Why Genova


Genova’s custom software experience spans across multiple decades, industries, and technologies

No Surprises

You’ll have access to the scrum/Kanban board to see real-time progress in addition to frequent project review meetings

Disciplined Development

Get to the finish line faster with Agile+, our proprietary development process that enables faster development with greater accuracy

We treat our clients as partners

You’re not just another transaction to us, we build long-lasting relationships that cultivates valuable familiarity for future projects 

Strategic Custom Software

Build a technology strategy that drives innovation and sharpens your competitive edge.  

Complete Solutions Partner

Get all your custom software needs in one place. Genova can design and develop software projects utilizing embedded, cloud, web & mobile applications

Experience Matters

Planter App

Enables farmers to perform tests and fine-tune their planters in the field.

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Combine Harvester

Embedded software that allows combine operators to improve harvesting efficiency.

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Supported a DARPA program to demonstrate a tactical airborne unit.

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Data Load Engine NextGen Avionics

Provided the ability to upload databases and equipment tables to the aircraft.

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Highway Helper

Real-time communication support system for service teams in large urban regions.

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Navy PMO Support

Aiding in enterprise solutions and related applications for FISCPS in Bremerton.

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Wireless Lan Manager

Developed a world-class application as part of an onboard information network.

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This system provides increased situational awareness to the Carrier Strike Group in support of shipboard self-defense

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Stratcom Support

U.S. Strategic Command had a software project that was in need of engineering support.

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Fertilizer Sensor

Feature enhancements for an embedded software application that monitored the flow of fertilizer on fields.

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