Planter App: Agriculture & Mobile Case Study

Sectors: Agriculture
Development Model: Agile
Project Team: System Architect, Software Engineers
Languages: Java, C, C++
Technologies and Tools: Android NDK, Wi-Fi, Protobuf, iOS


Genova Technologies, Inc. delivered system architecture and prototyping of a mobile app for a large agricultural customer. This app enables farmers to perform tests and fine-tune their planters in the field. Without this app, testing and tuning a piece of equipment requires two people, a farmer standing next to the equipment monitoring and making adjustments and a helper in the tractor cab. This app, therefore, alleviates the need for a second person.

Team Composition & Responsibilities

Genova helped define the system-level architecture, built part of the iOS prototype, and built the Android version of the app, while working very closely with client stakeholders. This is a native Android app written in Java and the Android NDK. The app uses WIFI, web sockets and Protobuf to communicate to the tractor/planter. Genova also did the initial coding in the on-vehicle embedded controller (in C/C++) to enable communications with the app.

Applicable Technologies Used

•      Java

•      Android NDK

•      Wi-Fi

•      Protobuf

•      iOS

•      C

•      C++


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