Each year, Genova sponsors Interns pursuing degrees that will lead them to a career in software engineering. This year, we’ve hired three interns… Bob, Drew and Zach. We’ve asked them to take a few minutes out of their schedule to answer a few questions about interning at Genova. Here’s what they had to say.

How did you come across this opportunity?
Drew – A posting on an online job service for college students
Bob – I had pretty much given up trying to get an internship this summer (most places don’t want to hire a college student in their first year, even though I’m almost halfway done with my classes), when my dad took my resume. He gave copies to everyone he knew that’s involved in tech, and a couple weeks later I got an email from Genova.

What interested you about Genova and our work?
Zach – The size of Genova and the areas that Genova is involved in interested me.
Bob – I come from a farming family, but farming doesn’t really interest me. When I found out that Genova is involved in agriculture, I figured that was a way that I could get involved in the family business without being on a farm.

What skills do you bring to Genova?
Drew – I have experience in fields that many here likely do not, including Glass research and modern physics which can give me a unique perspective.
Bob – I’ve been writing code for half my life in several languages and for many applications, so I can easily pick up projects or learn a new language.

Why software engineering?
Zach – I love the idea and process of working on a project and being able to see the transitions from incomplete to complete. I worked construction for a couple of years and seeing the bare architecture of a plan turn into a beautiful house or deck is really satisfying.
Drew – I enjoy coding, and the problem solving that it entails.

Do you have any extracurriculars or projects?
Zach – Currently I am in the process of learning how to create video games. These lessons I follow cover everything from coding to creating game maps and characters.
Bob – I’m heavily involved in Scouts BSA as an adult leader and as former camp staff. I drive to the camp in the evenings and weekends to volunteer in the kitchen or wherever else they need help. I run my website and make apps when I get time. I have several programs running on my servers, most of which I forget about until they fail.

What do you expect to gain this summer?
Zach – I expect to gain an understanding of what it takes to become a great software engineer, whether that be gaining the skills to work on a project or work with other teammates. Observing at first and then transitioning to being able to work more individually, I expect to become comfortable with the responsibilities of a software engineer.
Bob – I want to learn more about cloud computing. My whole life I’ve run everything on my own servers, so I must fix every issue when something goes wrong. I want to see how programming is different when you are working in virtual machines and how applications scale up, rather than with a set number of machines.

Which body part would you not mind losing?
Zach – I would not mind losing a toe. The only conditions are that it can not be a big toe and it can only be one toe.
Drew – None? I would prefer to keep them all.
Bob – My nose, it barely works and it’s always stuffed up.

If you weren’t a software engineer, what would you be?
Zach – Realistically, I would be working with IT. Unrealistically, I would be a professional baseball player or a Rally car driver.
Drew – A physicist, mechanical engineer, or data scientist.
Bob – I’d probably work at a year-round BSA Scout camp. I’ve worked at the one in Central City for 4 summers, and I really enjoy being there and getting to teach life-long useful skills to the youth.

What has been your favorite class so far in your degree?
Zach – Object-Oriented Programming has been my favorite class so far. The amount of coding surpassed all of my other classes and that was very enjoyable for me.
Bob – Computer Organization. We learned about the circuits that make up computers, and it helped me understand ways that I can optimize my code to run better.

What excites you most about being a part of Genova?
Zach – Being able to learn from my teammates and eventually being able to work alongside some of them on some projects.
Drew – Learning skills in a real-world environment.

Where do you see yourself after graduation?
Drew – Grad school, but that’s still not decided yet.
Bob – Physically, somewhere south where my car will start in the winter. As far as my job, I don’t care too much. As long as I’m working with computers, I think I’ll be satisfied.

What will finally break the internet?
Zach – Chuck Norris
Drew – The internet is un-breakable if it survived the dress.

What’s the most useless talent you have?
Zach – I can fold my tongue in half
Bob – I can half wiggle my right ear.