Our Summer Interns are wrapping up their summer training at Genova. In fact, they worked out so well, that we offered them all part-time positions while they continue their education. As the internships come to a close, we reached out to get their input on their experience.

What was your favorite part of working at Genova?
Bob: My favorite part about working at Genova was being able to actually use what I know about programming for clients, instead of just for my personal projects.
Drew: I really enjoyed learning from some very knowledgeable people. It was a big boost to my understanding of embedded systems.
Zach: My favorite part of working at Genova was working with a team that pushed me to learn more, all the while creating a fun work environment. Every day brought excitement and [curiosity] towards the challenges the day would bring. In addition to the team, Genova as a whole was supportive and treated me as one of their own.

What was your favorite part of the project you worked on?
Bob: I enjoyed learning some web frameworks that I had not used before.
Drew: Working on an embedded platform, when I really hadn’t done that before. It was fun to learn how this specific embedded system works.
Zach: My favorite part about the project I worked on was being able to be part of the process of creating functioning software. Being able to actually see the work I put in and have the results show for it was gratifying.

What was your biggest take away?
Bob: The internship has been useful so that I have a better idea of what to expect after I graduate.
Drew: I have a lot to learn.
Zach: The biggest take away from this internship is that I have a lot to learn but I am thankful for Genova and especially my team for getting me started down the path of becoming a software engineer.