In 2018, we hired Abby as an intern. She worked out so well that we offered her a position at Genova after graduation. Here’s Abby’s story, in her own words…

I started as an intern at Genova in May 2018. I had just finished up my junior year of college and had one semester left. I did not know what to expect, but I was excited to be working on a unique project. My first day, I had a short orientation and then went straight to work. The first thing that struck me about Genova was how friendly everyone was. My team went out of their way to teach me and answer questions multiple times when I did not understand. They helped me to feel welcome and encouraged me to learn as much as possible.

Genova treated me as a full-time employee. I did the same work that my teammates did. The work I did was meaningful and is used in production today. I was pushed to the limits of what I could do throughout the internship. It was challenging and rewarding. I had the opportunity to travel with my team and see the results from engineering efforts. The team pushed me out of my comfort zone and asked me to give demos to 50+ people. They were terrifying, but I have grown to a point where I can give them without any second thought.

Throughout the internship, I worked in several different programming languages and used skills that I learned in class, but did not think would apply to my future job. I was programming on hardware, reading hex files, learning several programming languages, and giving demos to stakeholders. The use of Agile kept me constantly working on different things so that I gained as much experience as possible. At the end of the summer, I was offered a full-time position on the same team. From my internship experience at Genova, I knew it was the right fit for me.

The transition to full time employee was seamless. After my final semester at college, I was looking forward to working with my amazing team again. The experience that I gained as an intern helped make the transition smooth. As an intern, I was able to work on the same things that I do today as a full-time employee. I still enjoy this job as much as I did as an intern. With the help of my team, I am constantly learning and pushing myself beyond what I imagined was possible.