Sectors: Agriculture
Development Model: Scrum Agile
Project Team: Software Engineers

Languages: C++
Technologies and Tools: Arduino IDE, ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module, SVN, Teensy Microcontroller, Trac


Genova was contracted to deliver software engineering consulting and software prototyping for a farming product that will reduce animal mortality in the pork industry and improve the overall welfare of its livestock. This product includes emerging software technologies such as animal noise recognition as well as significant hardware design and controls development in order to operate a harness and monitor temperature conditions. This product also utilizes cutting edge wireless technology with data stored in the cloud.

Team Composition & Responsibilities

Genova helped define the system level architecture, built part of the iOS prototype, and built the Android version of the app, while working very closely with client stakeholders. This is a native Android app written in Java and the Android NDK. The app uses WIFI, web sockets and Protobuf to communicate to the tractor/planter. Genova also did the initial coding in the on-vehicle embedded controller (in C/C++) to enable communications with the app.


Challenges/successes/lessons learned:

Developing an algorithm that detects piglet squeals from ambient background noise proved to be challenging, but Genova was able to develop a voice recognition system that successfully demonstrates squeal detection. Genova had to work closely with the client in order to overcome scheduling conflicts due to the fact that the the hardware and software teams were not fully integrated.


Team Composition:

Genova worked with the client’s software and hardware teams. During Phase 1, the client led the hardware and software teams. During Phase 2, Genova led the software team while the client led the hardware team.



Genova engineers delivered software requirement capture, software development, testing, and Integration support while the client delivered high level requirements and filed testing support. Genova’s role included:

Delivering previously captured software requirements
Phase I integration support
Phase II development and integration
Test plan preparation and execution



Arduino IDE
ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module
Teensy Microcontroller


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