Sectors: Agriculture, Controls
Development Model: Scrum Agile
Languages: C, MATLAB/Simulink Modeling

Technologies and Tools: C, MATLAB, Simulink, AN, J1939, Visual Studio, Tasking VX, Windows, Subversion, CANSniff, Rally


Genova delivered feature enhancements and bug fixes for an embedded software application that monitored the flow of fertilizer on fields.

Enhancements included revising and integrating a flow control to take into account additional features, adding support for new flowmeters, integrating updates to a library used by the application, and fixing bugs with existing features that interacted with the sensor.

Challenges, Successes, and Lessons Learned

Genova was able to get all requested updates implemented and accepted by the product verification group. Due to the success Genova had on the initial phase of development, the client subsequently requested our help with additional controller application updates.

The product is now out in the field in preparation for the start of production. The experience Genova gained while working with the controller on the initial phase of the project also led to additional opportunities to deliver feature enhancements for other products that use the same or similar controllers.

Team Composition and Responsibilities

Genova performed the work for this project through our dedicated Genova Scrum team, delivering software updates, testing, and providing support as Scrum Master. Genova worked closely with the client’s Systems Engineers from around the world in order to define the scope of the work involved. Genova also worked in conjunction with the client’s Product Verification & Validation Engineer to support verification of the updates on a machine.

Applicable Technologies Used

• C
• Simulink
• J1939
• Visual Studio
• Tasking VX
• Windows
• Subversion
• CANSniff
• Rally


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