Original Challenge

The client produces Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) that provide routing, scheduling, dispatch, and health monitoring for transit organizations. These systems are highly configurable and require base code that can be fine-tuned to meet each customer’s specific needs.

Genova Solution

Genova was responsible for delivering a wide range of feature enhancements, as well as application maintenance, for two products, allowing for greater customization to meet ever-changing transit organization requirements. Genova delivered the following enhancements to the customer:

• Developed a GPS turn by turn system used by the transit operator

• Developed an Engine Control Unit diagnostic to monitor vehicle health

• Developed an alert system to assist communication between the transit operator and dispatch

• Modified an existing product, placed it on new hardware, and created a customized user interface

• Integrated an accelerometer into the system in order to monitor and record transit operator driving behavior

• Completed unit testing throughout the project Feature maintenance and enhancement on a distributed fixed-route Intelligent Transportation system over TCP, UDP, and TDMA.

Features that were modified included a model-based user interface, 1708, 1939, and OBDII serial buses, bidirectional client to server messaging, software as a service, navigation, and integrated real‐time driver feedback. The products developed for the client are currently being sold throughout North America.


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