Sectors: Aerospace, Defense, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps 
Project Team: Software Engineers

Client Need/Problem: 

The Government has required ongoing contractor support to ensure OEMs producing F-35 products are meeting deliverable promises at contractually set rate reductions. Ongoing challenges include:  

  • Congressional threats to cancel the program due to schedule challenges, forcing leadership to accept increasing amounts of technical risk to save the schedule 
  • Challenges with the OEM to provide or stick to schedules 
  • Implementation of new enterprise-level engineering practices to support Continuous Capability Development and Delivery (C2D2) 


Genova Solution:

Our engineers are all experts in their domains, including measures/countermeasures, combat weapons systems, electronic warfare systems, and flight testing in related airframes (including significant F-16 flight time). We work with stakeholders to research, define, and develop emerging technologies and capabilities for integration into the F-35 Block 4 model air system, develop flight test plans and processes to ensure the developed capabilities meet program needs, and also support partner nations with setting up their own capabilities to receive and implement country-specific software packages.


Demonstrable Value Add:

The core part of our support, which includes Block 4 modernization has been so valuable that the Government has increased the scope and provided additional funding to expand the team. Successes include: 

  • Initiated Risk Management Process for 5th Generation Integration 
  • Streamlined operations of largest Team within the program, which resulted in additional work output during COVID 
  • Assisted Govt with onboarding and ramp-up process that has resulted in 67% shorter wait times after joining the team to begin actual work on contract 


The F-35 5GI Systems Engineering team won the 2020 Fighters & Advanced Aircraft Directorate Special Access Program Annual Award for Systems Engineering.   

Target Device: 

F-35 Lightning II – all variants

Notable Technologies: 

Domains: Air-to-Air & Air-to-Ground weapons, Low Observable coatings, mold lines, propulsion, advanced electronic warfare technologies, aerodynamics and flight controls, offboard mission support and planning systems, automatic logistics support, flight test, RADAR technologies, communication/datalink/navigation/instrumentation technologies, advanced datalinks virtual heads-up display, SAP TS/SCI 


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