Sectors: Industrial Appliance
Project Team: Software Engineers, Software Systems Architect, Project Manager

Languages and Technologies: Python, Typescript, Angular, Kotlin, Swift


The client was seeking a solution that would enable customers to purchase laundromat services (washer and dryer cycles) without the need for coins and to follow the progress of their loads in real-time. In addition, the system would need to allow laundromat owners to monitor sales and manage services. 


Genova Solution

Genova implemented a cloud-based web and mobile solution. Android and iOS mobile apps were created to give customers access to laundry services without the need for coins and to monitor progress Management and administrator portals were created in the web to support laundromat owners Genova worked with the client to design the system and integrate it with other external and proprietary systems. Genova developed the complete system (front-end, back-end, APIs, etc.) and implemented it on the Amazon Web Services platform Genova continues to provide enhancements and ongoing maintenance as needed. 


Demonstrable Value Add

This product has been released and is in use by laundromats in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Greece.  The end product enables customers to make coinless purchases of washer and dryer cycles and related upsell services. 


Target Device

Browser (web application), mobile 



Web, iOS, Android 


Notable Technologies

Language(s): Python, Typescript, Angular, Kotlin, Swift 

Tools: Visual Studio, PyCharm, Android Studio 

Database: Azure SQL 


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