The use of automated test tools is becoming common place in the enterprise world. Most Web applications need to run under specified stress environments, and testing the application in these stress environments, prior to delivery, is key to a successful go live scenario.

Genova has a software background, so the use of automated test tools has been a natural evolution for us. Genova is familiar with most types of automated test tools and can easily adapt to the use of new or different test tools, as specified by the end customer.

Tools such as WinRunner, Test Director, and Quality Center are commonly-used automated test tools. The ability to write scripts for these test tools, and then test the software under specified conditions, is a common scenario for Genova’s Enterprise developers and testers.

Software Testing and V&V

Genova Technologies delivers software, system, and V&V testing for customers in the commercial, education, government, and health industries. This spans independent V&V and Test Driven Development (TDD) programs for regression testing in both black-box (functional, systems, integration, acceptance) and white-box (unit, regression, integration) testing environments.

Our process employs rigorous CMMI methodologies for evaluating the correctness and quality of software products throughout the software life cycle, ensuring that the outcome and work product of a project meet the formal specifications.

Throughout the process we refine our understanding, validate our findings, and focus on identifying specific improvements that will make a tangible difference to the project. We also provide project management tools, templates, and sample plans as part of V&V engagements, and can provide full documentation and artifacts.

Genova Technologies has been providing safety of flight and safety of life compliant software, V&V services, and documentation to our clients for over 23 years. We are fully versed in regulatory requirements and processes.

Genova Technologies’ CMMI-compliant software processes will handle the software V&V for your instruments and applications. As needed for your submission, our test team will develop your test plans, create robust test cases, and provide a resultant report and trace matrix to meet your templates and standards.

In addition, Genova will go much further than those basic requirements to insure your device is ready for market.

  • Genova can provide test automation, with fault insertion, internal data monitoring, and robust component testing.
  • Genova’s extensive “white box” and “black box” testing thoroughly exercises all edge cases on your system in the lab, so that you can be confident you will not have surprises in the field.

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