Sectors: Commercial
Development Model: Scrum Agile
Project Team: Software Engineers

Languages: C, C#
Technologies and Tools: IAR IDE, Visual Studio, and Device Descriptor Environments

Client Need/Problem: 

The client has some products that are getting close to their end of life due to obsolescence. They didn’t have the budget or engineering capacity to fully spin up a new product from scratch; therefore, their goal is to try to utilize parts of existing products to spin up a new product with parts with longer shelf life. This means that there is a department managing the development of a product that has never done so. To help supplement engineering needs, they decided to utilize outside support.


Genova Solution:

Genova was brought onto the project to support porting and updating the firmware from a couple of other products to create a new firmware that will work on the new product. This includes updating a Test Manager to support regression testing needed for certification and updating a Device Descriptor that connects to monitor and configure it.


Demonstrable Value Add:

The biggest value adds that Genova gave is the ability to manage and develop the Firmware of this new product as the client did not have these resources available. In the long run, our goal is to be able to retain the domain knowledge gained on this project so that we can be a valuable resource for future projects.

Target Device: 

The target device is a MSP430 processor running on a custom board that uses a HALL sensor for monitoring value positions. 


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