Planter App: Agriculture & Mobile Case Study

Sectors: Agriculture
Development Model: Agile
Project Team: System Architect, Software Engineers
Languages: Java, C, C++
Technologies and Tools: Android NDK, Wi-Fi, Protobuf, iOS


Genova Technologies, Inc. delivered system architecture and prototyping of a mobile app for a large agricultural customer. This app enables farmers to perform tests and fine-tune their planters in the field. Without this app, a testing and tuning a piece of equipment requires two people, a farmer standing next to the equipment monitoring and making adjustments and a helper in the tractor cab. This app therefore alleviates the need for a second person.

Team Composition & Responsibilities

Genova helped define the system level architecture, built part of the iOS prototype, and built the Android version of the app, while working very closely with client stakeholders. This is a native Android app written in Java and the Android NDK. The app uses WIFI, web sockets and Protobuf to communicate to the tractor/planter. Genova also did the initial coding in the on-vehicle embedded controller (in C/C++) to enable communications with the app.

Applicable Technologies Used

•      Java

•      Android NDK

•      Wi-Fi

•      Protobuf

•      iOS

•      C

•      C++


Project Stats
Planter App: Agriculture & Mobile Case Study
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