Sectors: Retail 
Development Model: Scrum Agile
Project Team: Software Engineers

Languages: C#, .NET Core 3.1,Angular
Technologies and Tools: Visual Studio, Azure

Client Need/Problem: 

The client was looking for ways to grow their business of selling paint products. To stimulate paint sales in a growing market, they approached Genova with the idea of creating a commercial web application that would allow a roofing contractor to create a quote and cut list for installing metal roofs for the home reroofing market quickly and accurately.  This client is not in the business of creating software, so they asked us to help them design the system, identify partners for providing detailed roof measurements and quoting tools, and implement the solution.  


Genova Solution

Genova provided a software systems architect to work closely with the client to define the requirements, design the system solution, coordinate the software efforts of the two 3rd party suppliers, and provided an agile development team for the development of the front-end customer-facing web application, as well as the back-end APIs, used to integrate the independent software systems.  The system is also integrated with a mapping tool for location and identification of client structures.  One of the challenges of the project was to manage the authentication and authorization of users across multiple systems. 

Genova provided a UI/UX resource to design a prototype for the user experience.  For more complex Azure Dev Ops functionality, Genova worked in concert with another vendor which had a relationship with the client.  Also, Genova worked with the Security and Audit teams to ensure internal security requirements were met to their satisfaction as well as ADA usability requirements. 

Genova is also providing Tier 2 support on an ongoing basis. 


Demonstrable Value Add: The product was delivered on time and within their budgets while also being the first application of the client deploying to Azure.


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