Mobile Application Development Team

Born out of necessity while developing an internal web-based software application CE Headquarters (CEHQ) for the healthcare industry, the team worked closely with user experience professionals, incorporated stakeholder inputs into the application design, and quickly responded to change requests by utilizing Agile principles in a hybrid development methodology.

The CEHQ for Nurses hybrid mobile application was successfully deployed into Apple’s App Store and Google Play in 2016. Learn more: http://onelink.to/mycehq


The key to any successful project. Genova’s mobile Subject Matter Expert (SME) has been instrumental in establishing processes for future mobile application projects as the Mobile Development Team Lead.

 This has included tailoring Genova’s established CMMI processes to better align with our mobile project needs, as well as defining the required architecture and development environments unique to native and hybrid mobile applications. Genova is currently providing similar process, discovery, and architecture tasks for customers in the beginning phases of establishing their own mobile app divisions.

Leveraging the Cloud

The Cloud allows Genova to deliver mobile applications that have greater accessibility and reliability for our end users. Our team’s back-end server and database expertise allows for seamless connectivity between devices and the Cloud.

 In addition to traditional multi-tiered mobile application structures, Genova is also working on mobile apps connected wirelessly to industrial vehicles. Our engineers’ extensive embedded communications backgrounds allow us to draw from multiple areas of expertise when responding to our customers’ unique needs.

Client Benefits

When their specific needs are recognized and their voices are heard, clients benefit the most. Genova has responded to our clients’ growing mobile needs by establishing a team of industry experts well-versed in mobile technologies and industry standards, and is in position to deliver mobile application development across the aerospace, defense, and commercial sectors.


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