CV-TSC: Government Case Study

Sectors: Government
Development Model: Scrum Agile
Project Team: Application Developers, Application Testers, Information Assurance/System Administrators
Languages: Java
Technologies and Tools: Visual Studio, NetBeans, Windows OS, Linux OS, FTP, Mercurial

The CV-TSC system provides increased situational awareness to the Carrier Strike Group (CSG) in support of shipboard self-defense, primarily in the area of Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) and Surface Warfare (SUW) on an Aircraft Carrier. As an integrated element of the CVN Combat System, CV-TSC supports the tactical deployment of embarked ASW and SUW assets utilized in detecting, classifying, and localizing threats. The primary aircraft supported is the MH-60R multi-mission helicopter.

CV-TSC is a post-milestone C Acquisition Category (ACAT) III program that has evolved through several incremental upgrades from a stand-alone system to a network-centric distributed system and integrated element of the CVN combat system. The program was initiated in 1973 to provide aircraft carrier based ASW / SUW support capabilities to the embarked S-3 Viking fixed wing and SH-3 Sea King helicopter squadrons. The CV-TSC program has continued to evolve to support the emerging warfighting needs of the Navy. The latest variant of the system, the AN/SQQ-34C(V)2, began fielding on Carriers in 2012 and provides support for the MH-60R multi-mission helicopter, enabling the exchange of tactical and sensor data between the CVN and the MH-60R. The system consists of COTS processing, display, and communications equipment.

Team Composition and Responsibilities
Genova works with other contractors alongside government developers, engineers, and project managers. The developers are divided into 3 sprint teams. Sprints last approximately 6 weeks.

Responsibilities include:
• Testing
• Design
• Requirements
• Development
• Documentation

Applicable Technologies Used
• Visual Studio
• NetBeans
• Java
• Windows Operating System
• Linux Operating System
• Mercurial


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